Ten Reasons


A Vote for AKBAYAN is a vote for:

Truth. Firmly believing in honest governance, AKBAYAN has been at the helm of initiatives to ferret out the truth and demand accountability from government. From the “Hello, Garci!” scandal to the botched attempts to change the charter through unscrupulous and unconstitutional means, AKBAYAN has maintained its brave opposition without fear or compromise. Whether inside Congress our outside, AKBAYAN articulates the desire of ordinary Filipinos for honest leadership and truthful politics.

The youth and the future. AKBAYAN believes in the strength, energy and vibrance of the Filipino youth. Hence, in creating policies and crafting its legislative agenda for the them, AKBAYAN sees the youth not merely as recipients but as competent equal partners. At the centerpiece of its youth program is a reform-oriented educational system, with the end-goal of providing quality education that is accessible and relevant. Indeed, investing in the youth is investing in the future.

Gender Equality. AKBAYAN envisions a society where opportunities are accessible to all, regardless of gender. It has championed the rights of women and has recognized the various spheres of oppression that the Filipino woman is finding herself in – domestic violence, inaccessibility of reproductive health information, discrimination. AKBAYAN also has a strong lesbian and gay rights advocacy and it has championed the Anti-Discrimination Bill to penalize discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders.

The voiceless and marginalized. Its strong commitment to the marginalized sectors – the farmers, the fishermen, the urban poor – is at the core of AKBAYAN’s values. AKBAYAN sees these sectors as stakeholders, and thus tirelessly work for their integration and participation. Genuine agrarian reform and decent housing are but some of the advocacies pursued by the Party, whether through legislative measures or local government empowerment.

Health for all. There can be no denying the importance of health, and the imperative of coming up with a health care system responsive to the needs of all Filipinos. Believing that health is primary and should come before politics or profit, AKBAYAN is proud to author the “Cheaper Medicines Bill,” which seeks to amend the Intellectual Property Code to bring down the cost of medicines, and to spearhead the breastfeeding campaign which will reduce infant mortality.

Decent work. Unemployment continues to be a problem hounding millions of Filipinos, and the unabated migration only reveals the incapacity of the government to provide jobs and livelihood for all. AKBAYAN’s strong bias for labor is manifested in the initiatives it has made to uplift the condition working class – higher wages, better labor standards, stronger laws to protect trade unionism.

The environment and fair trade. A clean environment and a trade policy that revs up domestic industries instead of killing them are two of AKBAYAN’s policy objectives, and in many cases these objectives intersect. AKBAYAN exposed the Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement, which essentially allows Japan to dump toxic wastes in our borders and contains trade provisions onerous to the Philippines. We maintain that a robust economy can only be made sustainable by a fair trade policy and should always be backed by adherence to environmental regulations.

Good governance. Corruption is a malaise that could be found in virtually all levels of governance – from national to local. AKBAYAN has never blinked or flinched as it exposed corruption scandals in government, and called for accountability from and prosecution for the wrongdoers who cheat the Filipino people. AKBAYAN remains to be an example of a political party with program-based politics and a solid platform. Our local government leaders exemplify these ideals in their own areas of governance.

Peace and Human Rights. A peaceful, pluralist and democratic society that values human rights is AKBAYAN’s vision. Then as now, we have consistently condemned all forms of violence and oppression, whether from the State or the Armed Left. Our track record in the field of human rights is beyond question; most notably, AKBAYAN’s authorship of the Human Rights Compensation Bill for Marcos victims.

Integrity. Dignity. Honor. In one word, dangal. AKBAYAN represents and articulates the desires of nameless, faceless, voiceless Filipinos struggling to live and believe in the future amidst a crisis of faith and a poverty of choices. There is no integrity in corruption and trapo politics. No dignity in hunger and poverty. No honor in unjust wars and human rights violations. A vote for AKBAYAN is a vote for genuine, empowered and participatory democracy.– a vote to reclaim dangal for ourselves and for our children.



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